Software Testing

At GoodTech Software Testing labs we provide our customers with a complete external , independent testing service in a full range of customer
networking environments. Here are some of our key testing services:-

Functional Testing:-

Does your application achieve its design objectives? Does it meet set out requirements? Is the application "Fit for Use" ? these are the questions
that must be asked before rolling it out to end users.We can help you by testing your application against its requirements/specifications, adopting
black box and white box testing techniques.

Load and Stress Testing:-

How will your application behave when many users hit simultaneously in the real world? We test your application capability to respond to the demands
of real-life situations, creating workloads.

Internationalization and Localization Testing:-

Is your application globally usable? GoodTech can provide complete localization testing solutions in Asian and European languages.


Do you need repeated business process / test cases be automated?
So you could save testing time? GoodTech has automation experts in Open source and Commercial tools with a proven record.

White Box Testing:-

GoodTech offers white box testing in Java and .Net applications using JUnit and nUnit Framework.

For each of above testing we create comprehensive test plans, test cases, conduct testing and provide results as per your format/schedule.

GoodTest's Application Testing Framework:-
Why test software?

1.Software is a complex product and produced by Humans and Software Engineering is still an immature field.
2.Timly marketing an application always comes first, this increases the chance of bypassing software Process standards and testing is the only means
to assure product quality.
3.Haste Makes Waste : 2/3 of design errors are found during implementation stage
4.Cost of fixing the problem goes up exponentially.

It is therefore advisable to test software applications, not only after completion but also during development to reduce the number of defects. GoodTech Technologies is a IT consulting organization with a high focus on Independent software testing, Infrastructure Management consulting and Application Development and support in the emerging technologies. We have client base across the globe and have delivered software solutions to fortune 500 companies.

GoodTech is established to clients with the best possible customized service that helps them achieve business purpose and reduce total cost of ownership.

Whether you would like to augment your existing project/function with more resources or wish to outsource your entire projects or want to train your people in software testing , Application Development technologies or Tools, GoodTech Technologies can just tailor making your needs.

Our core domain lies in Banking, Insurance, Retail and Financial for Application testing and Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence and for Infrastructure Management we are specialists in Storage, Cloud , Cloud Security.

Our rates are very competitive and we undertake projects which can have Fixed Price/Time and Material or on Fixed monthly fees.